About us

Prior to the launch of The Goods Depot, Charity Link had been purchasing items for clients via a third party. The Goods Depot was formed as, by providing items direct to Charity Link clients, we can:

Maximise the benefit of charitable funds raised which will enable Charity Link to provide increased support (we can provide more appliances for the same amount of funding and therefore support more local people in need).

Increase control over the quality of items supplied and the level of service provided (all the reconditioned items supplied by The Good Depot are of Gold or Silver standard and come with a warranty which can also be further extended by customers).

Provide a comprehensive supply of white goods which can be responsive to the needs of Charity Link service users.


The Good Depot is an exciting new venture which will help Charity Link in the long term.

In an ever increasingly uncertain and competitive environment, The Goods Depot will provide a sustainable income stream to Charity Link in the future.

Going forward, we will be providing a high-quality retail purchase option for external organisations, local authorities, councils and individuals wishing to buy reconditioned white goods at great value. This will:

Provide a long term sustainable income for Charity Link with all profits gifted back to the charity so that even more essential items can be provide to those in need. 

This retail outlet will also give individuals and families the opportunity to purchase quality items at a reasonable price.

Profits made by The Goods Depot will be gifted back to Charity Link so that even more essential items can be provided to those in need!

The Goods Depot will also lessen Charity Link’s Environmental Impact – as we will exclusively be providing quality-reconditioned items to customers.

If you have any questions regarding The Good Depot please contact:

Alex Grealis by emailing info@thegoodsdepot.org.uk